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The background and history of art nouveau Today, you'll still find art nouveau pieces, from prints to sculptures to entire buildings, all over the world, in cities, towns, museums and attics alike.Some of these works were created during the height of the art nouveau movement and are truly valuable pieces.But you'll also see many newer or brand new art nouveau designs in the form of jewelry, furniture, sculptures, paintings, illustrations, and advertisements. So, keep an eye out the next time you visit a yard sale or flea market.Be sure to check out those antique-Looking picture frames, jewelry boxes, and those boxes loaded with aunt kay's stuff.You may just find one of the most famous pieces of art nouveau yet to be rediscovered. First, though, read through this page and learn a bit more about what you're looking for and where you can find pieces for your own art nouveau collection, new and old. The popularity of art movements can often be traced back to a single artist and even a single Tiffany On Sale work of art.The art nouveau movement received its first wave of popularity when a particular lithographed poster, an advertisement for the 1895 parisian play gismonda, featuring sarah bernhardt, was published. (The popularity of the play and the lead actress undoubtedly helped. )The new style of art that was featured in this piece was initially called"Style mucha"After the czech artist alphonse mucha, who designed the poster, but it soon became known as art nouveau, which is french for"New art,"And many other names. This is that significant poster, still available today. Gismonda, by alfons mucha, 1894-24"X36"Postercheck price The term art nouveau originated in france but became the preferred term for the new style known as le style moderne.It became known as art nouveau shortly Cheap Tiffany Bracelets Shop after siegfried bing opened a successful parisian shop of that name which featured work in the modern style. After the 1900 exposition universelle in paris, the art nouveau style spread across europe, scandinavia and russia, and as far as australia and america.It became known by a variety of regional names indicative of its forms, schools of thought, or its practitioners or their locale.Like nouveau in art nouveau, most of these terms also share a reference to"Newness. " In italy art nouveau was known as arte nuova and stile liberty, in the netherlands, nieuwe kunst, in portugal arte nova.In spain, it was called arte joven(Young art)And in catalonia, modernisme.In the united states, it became tiffany style and it was known as the glasgow school in scotland, after the institute founded by charles rennie mackintosh.In germany, it was jugendstil and in austria, sezessionstil(Secessionist).It was also known by names that reflected its motifs and curvilinearity such as stile floreal("Floral style"), Style Nouille("Noodle style")And paling stijl("Eel style"). Image(Above right)Is the art nouveau style:A comprehensive guide with 264 illustrations(Dover fine art, history of art) Alphonse mucha was a czech painter and decorative artist who's credited with beginning the art nouveau movement.This actually happened quite by accident, when he wandered into a print shop one christmas where he found out about the sudden need for a new poster ad for a play starring the most famous actress in paris at the time:Sarah bernhardt.It was then that mucha volunteered to create that poster within two weeks.Bernhardt loved the poster so much--And that poster received so much positive attention--She entered into a 6-Year contract with him.Mucha went on to create many more paintings and posters, ads and book illustrations.This prolific artist also designed jewelry, carpets, wallpaper, and theater sets. Alphonse mucha(4 Seasons)Art homepage poster printcheck price "Dance lady"By alphonse muchacheck price "Painting"Print by alphonse muchacheck price Visit barcelona on spain's costa blanca and you will be surrounded by antoni gaudis' creations.The catelonian architect's first love was for his native land, and many of his works reflect a quiet pride and radiate his intense faith.Perhaps his talrec most famous work was the design and building of the beautiful cathedral of barcelona, which continues to inspire artists today.Guadis' popularity as an architect is evident in the many commissions he undertook throughout his life.He's responsible for projects as varied as lampposts to entire buildings.Some of his most iconic work is found in mosaic style fountains and statues that decorate buildings and naves throughout the mediterranean. Poster:Antoni gaudi building in barcelonacheck price Poster:Antoni gaudi fountain in barcelonacheck price Poster:Antoni gaudis la sagrada familia templecheck price When it comes to original art nouveau outside of fine art museums, you can still find pieces for sale by antique dealers and collectors, including jewelry, sculptures, furniture, prints and paintings and more.And sometimes you can find some surprises too.If you're lucky, perhaps you'll discover a genuine art nouveau lithograph hidden behind a newer, cheap picture in old frame.Oftentimes, those who find these pictures in old frames don't know what they are or their true value. But you don't have to hunt through bazaars or spend a lot on art nouveau antiques to bring this style into your own home or wardrobe.There are many new designs made in this still-Popular, beautiful style, and many of those items are very affordable.While most people don't go all out with this ornate style today, it's fun to accent your home or your outfits with at least a touch of art nouveau elegance. SquidAngelsare experienced squidoo lensmasters who are recognized as top-Notch squidoo members.Angels"Bless"Pages they consider to be exemplary and exceptional.A squid angel blessing is a sign of quality and, to me, more than a pat on the back for a job well done.It is a seal of approval, recognition from those whose work you admire, and encouragement to create even better pages.