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Wedding Guest Dresses will be as follows

Graduations at uq After this date, do not wait until your results have been confirmed.Mastercard and visa are the preferred online option.Students are also offered the option of visiting the academic dress hire service office in person at Evening room 226228 connell building st lucia campus to pay via eftpos. Arrangements for the collection of academic dress for the graduation ceremonies Wedding Guest Dresses will be as follows: St lucia ceremonies From room 228 of the connell building(Building 26).Those for professional doctorate and masters graduates have long sleeves while those for all other graduates have short sleeves.Doctorate, master or bachelor)Wear hoods.Colours are used to differentiate the different degree levels; Bachelor black hoods partially lined with pearl white silk; Master black hoods fully lined with rich blue silk; Doctor black hoods Dresses fully lined with either crimson silk(Doctor of philosophy)Or claret silk(Professional doctorates);